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I worked in the MAC Cosmetics Selfridges, Birmingham shop! My heart goes out to the individuals that still get abused at MAC Birmingham.

A Manager should never be permitted to call somebody ‘Dumb or foolish’ especially if they have actually simply informed you they are Dyslexic. It is extremely amateur & horrible. You have no right being a Manger & ought to be removed of your standing.

Bullying is an extremely major act. It’s incredibly efficient in our daily life. This is NOT okay! It’s horrid that a company would certainly greater such Bullies for strong roles.

I really hope no one experiences this revolting behaviour & can just hope these people will change.

Very sorry for being soo worried on cam! This video indicates alot to me & something I desired to talk on for a long period of time! i assume the supervisors have been talking with people like crap for a long period of time!

Thanks for seeing!

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